Fitness Center

Family Activity Center

Fitness Schedule:


Monday at 9am           Zumba

  With Kelly Hansan


Monday at 10am         Yoga

 With Kelly Hansan


Wednesday at 6:15am         Mat Pilates

 With Brooke Smith


Thursdays at 2pm      Yoga

 With Kelly Hansan


Thursdays at 3:10pm      Zumba

With Kelly Hansan


Saturday at 8am            Mat Pilates

 With Brooke Smith


 Titleist Performance Institute Work Out Class

  With Dr. Chuck Kutch & Dr. Ian Stone

Call 219-4980 to hold a spot

$10 per session

Personal training by appointment only:

Mimi Hevel     317-985-7326

Alex Seybert   765-635-0168

Nicki Moon     317-339-8405

Tatum Perez    317-213-5846