Fitness Center

Family Activity Center

Fitness Schedule:


Monday at 8am           Pilates

 With Mimi Hevel


Monday at 5pm           Titleist Performance Institute Work Out Class

  With Dr. Chuck Kutch & Dr. Ian Stone

Call 219-4980 to hold a spot

                                    $10 per session


Tuesday at 9am           Zumba

  With Kelly Hansan


Tuesday at 10am         Basic Yoga

 With Kelly Hansan


Wednesday at 8am     Pilates

 With Mimi Hevel


Thursday at 9am         Zumba

 With Kelly Hansan


Thursdays at 10am      Basic Yoga

 With Kelly Hansan


Friday at 10am            TurboKick

 With Kristen Shoemaker & Kerrie Knouse



Personal training by appointment only:

Mimi Hevel     317-985-7326

Alex Seybert   765-635-0168

Nicki Moon     317-339-8405

Tatum Perez    317-213-5846